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It's My Turn! 
27th-Dec-2007 05:10 pm
Title: It's My Turn!
Author: rapes_bunger
Rating: M
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Summary: Sam has been waiting for years to dominate the relationship.
Beta: tiffiny

Sam strolled into the hotel room at about 11:45. He had been at the library researching the demon that killed his token girlfriend. That motherfucker burnt that bitch to a crisp. "Now all I have is my fat ass bro to satisfy my needs," thought Sam as he dropped the stack of books to the table. Maybe tonight it would be his turn to fuck Dean in the ass. "I'll make you the muffin ass!" thought Sam as he heard the shower turn off.

"Hey bro," shouted Dean from the bathroom. "What the fuck you been doin'?"

"Researching the yellow-eyed demon, and I got a lot of books this time. Could you help me study for weaknesses tonight?"

"Can't bro. I, uh, met this chick and we're goin' out."

"Dean, we all know that's a fucking lie. Why do you always make excuses to not help me research this thing. It killed mom!"

"Just fucking drop it or I'll cock you in the cheek again, bitch," snapped Dean as he thrust his erection wildly, spilling his bag of Chips Ahoy onto the soiled hotel carpet.

"I know what this is about. You can't read can you?" Sam had hunches before but now it was obvious. "It makes sense now. All this time you have been illiterate. You never went to school. You never even..."

"Shut up!" cried Dean. "Just shut the fuck up. You win, all right. I'm just a little bitch. But you brush your fucking teeth for like an hour every night. And why do you use a scotch pad to polish them? That's fucking gay dude! Your teeth are whiter that my jizz after I just drank a bottle of bleach."

"Oooooh, good comeback you fucking dumbass." Sam whipped out his throbbing boner. "Now I'm the top, bitch."

Sam grabbed Dean and spun him around. Dean could only cry and take it. Sam slid down Dean's towel and spread his ass cheeks apart at the same time. Sam put his penis into Dean's anus and with a little help from saliva lubrication, he girated his cock enough to cum in Dean. It was a new beginning. Sam liked fucking Dean. He could get used to this.
29th-Dec-2007 04:28 am (UTC)
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