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Fatty Jared
When just one dozen donuts is not enough!
2nd-Jan-2008 11:08 am
jr :: southern pacifica
jillybinks and I discovered some very important fatty_jared business on New Year's Eve. We watched the first season episode Phantom Traveler with commentary and Jared discussed eating on several occasions. My personal favorite moment was when Jared said that he ate like thirty donuts for a scene that was cut. If you watch carefully, in that scene in the beginning with the gratuitous Jensen fat-ass shots, where Sammy enters the room and sits on the other bed, he is chewing for seemingly no reason. Well, that reason is that he was eating donuts, but that part was cut.
3rd-Jan-2008 01:43 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for bringing this very important piece of information to our attention.
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